Stu Who? – One of the most experienced stand-ups on the Scottish circuit, had the audience in hystercal laughter from th emoment he stepped onto the stage.

His observations on Scottish culture were shrewd, unnervingly accrate, and delivered with such impeccable comic timing that you never see them coming.

Stu Who? exploded on to the stage and the audience were reeling from the beginning to the end.

There is filth, yes, although it is good filth, but more than that it is a comedian with something to say. There is a depth to his comedy, something rarely seen on stage today.

Stu Who? has no time for middle class comedians who use th epoor of Scotland’s ciities as cannon fodder for their homour. What he points out is that the time has surely passed for endless Ned jokes. It’s time Rab C Nesbitt hung his vest up for good, and wandered back to the wine bar where he as born.

Stu Who? was a comedian at the very top of his game, searingly funny and provocative, and a joy to watch.